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Seriously – One of the most surprising coffees that i’ve ever tasted. I am like most people and couldn’t understand why anyone would drink coffee without caffeine – crazy right? After years, I succumbed to peer pressure and tried roasting a batch. Luckily, I somehow managed to roast it nearly perfectly first time. As a result and after cupping/tasting, I now rate this coffee as one of the most incredible beans that i’ve tried in my life – i’m not exaggerating. To say I was gob-smacked is an understatement.

Truly incredible flavours, sweet thick black currant syrupy acidity, berry and dried apricot notes with beautiful smooth deep chocolates. Things like this don’t come along too often in life – where you are taken by complete surprise and utterly enamoured by a flavour so rich and velvety. I honestly never believed these flavours could ever come from a decaffeinated bean. Astounding is not an overstatement when it comes to my descriptors for this coffee after my very first taste. I was (and still are) blown away by something I originally was never going to try….  This coffee will stand confidently and comfortably on its own as a complex, rich and beautiful ristretto right through to a full flavoured mouth-watering latte – it is such a versatile bean with a flavour that is so incredibly full and pleasing on the palate. If you can honestly tell this is a decaff – then your palate is better than mine…


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15 reviews for Organic Colombian Swiss Water Decaffeinated

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  1. Hugh (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t know it was Decaf!

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  2. Hugh (verified owner)

    Beautiful flavour

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  3. Jodie (verified owner)

    Great service, local business, great product

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  4. Hugh (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable decaf

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  5. Hugh (verified owner)

    One of the best we have had

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  6. Hugh (verified owner)

    Great flavour

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  8. Tracey Masson (verified owner)

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  9. Max Browne (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Great decaf coffee.

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  10. Mark Fuidge (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavour. Perfect for the morning long black.

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  11. Richard Daniel (verified owner)

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  12. Sharee

    Bought a small bag for a family member. Thought we’d give it a go.
    Seriously holds it’s own next to caffeinated brews. You wouldn’t know the difference.

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  13. Kaitlyn G. (verified owner)

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  14. Andrew L. (verified owner)

    This really is an excellent coffee by any standard, caffeine or not. Great as a flat white or a shorty. I’ve tried a few decaf beans from elsewhere but have settled on this one. I will definitely continue to purchase this. To add to the pleasure of the drink, you also get great service from By 6. Thank you!

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  15. Matthew Barnes (verified owner)

    Spot on. Best decaf I’ve tried

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