Mocha Blend

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Brew temperature – 95°C

Grind setting requirement on your grinder – Very fine

We have spent literally over a year in perfecting the roast for this specific blend to make its flavours come alive to the point that they explode through your mouth – like no other coffee I have encountered (not exaggerating). This coffee WILL satisfy any and every desire you could wish for in a cup – especially milk based coffees. You must try this blend – you will seriously miss out on one of life’s true pleasures if you don’t….  There is a true level of fulfilment when you taste it.

Beautiful chocolates (not cocoa or burnt flavours – but actual chocolate flavours) abound in this glorious flavourful cup of magnificence. Hints of hazelnut and mild tobacco (I know, it sounds wierd – but don’t be put off – the flavours really work soooo well together). Not sour nor bitter – just sublime. Mild sweet acidity with superb milk cut through – and the crema – don’t even get me started…. thick globby wonderment. Stunning as both a black and milk based coffee. This is by far our most popular choice for coffee fanatics and everyday drinkers. Incredible flavour – nothing crazy or ‘left field’ – just absolutely magnificent tasting – the types of flavours you would wish for out of a perfect cup of coffee – try this first and it may well become your number one coffee of all time – it really is that amazing!

One added bonus – there are little to no pesticides used in the farming of this beautiful coffee blend.

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